Today’s Toothpaste Does Not Remove Plaque*


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We are a highly dedicated team of skilled scientists and experienced healthcare company entrepreneurs working closely with a great group of dental health professionals and industry experts. Our team has a broad base of experience in pharmaceutical and medical technology product development, regulatory affairs and quality controls, and business operations. Our lead technology scientists are highly skilled physical chemistry, microbiology, chemical engineering and formulation experts.


Toothpaste Reinvented


Toothpaste has been around for over decades. It does very little-to-nothing to remove plaque and biofilm from your teeth and gumline which can cause gum disease and gingivitis. Today’s toothpastes are mostly all made up of similar base ingredients.

Journal-Clinical-Periodontology“…moderate certainty that toothbrushing with a dentifrice does not provide an added effect for the mechanical removal of dental plaque.”

Journal of Clinical Periodontology

Cees Valkenburg, Dagmar E. Slot, Eric W.P. Bakker, Fridus A. Van der Weijden

Technology Platform


A patented micro-structured fluid and microfibrillated cellulose platform

  • All-natural cellulose sourced from Norwegian Spruce trees
  • A Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) ingredient by the FDA
  • Approved as a food additive
  • Sulfate free, parabens free, alcohol free and silicon free
Spruce trees and a revolutionary new toothpasteDENTAL ECONOMICS, October 2022

Fibers from spruce trees in Norway led to development of a toothpaste that captures and removes biofilm.

Fibers from these trees are formulated by Protegera into a microstructured cellulose platform that provides the ideal physical properties for biofilm capture and removal from the teeth and the rest of the oral cavity.